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Find Out About Our Mission and What Motivates Us to Deliver Exceptional Holistic and Natural Healing Healthcare Services!

RiverOne Health & Wellness was founded by Dr. Ha-il Lee in the hope of providing people with a chance to regain their health, vigor and love for life through holistic and natural healing methods. Located in Joliet, Illinois, our clinic has been proudly serving the healthcare needs of everyone in Joliet with chiropractic and acupuncture healing.

We have passionate practitioners with experience in chiropractic and acupuncture treatment. We take our time with all patients, before deciding on the best treatment course for them.

Our focus and motivation is to help people regain their health and life, which is during the course of treatment, the message you will get from our caring team is to:

Never give up! You deserve more in life and regaining your health is the first step!”

The best thing about working with RiverOne Health & Wellness is that everyone here are determined to make a difference in your health! We are motivated and have dedicated our treatments for people that are:

“Not getting better, worsening in conditions or facing complications after suffering from long-term illness or surgery”

Our dedication and commitment towards healing people with chiropractic and acupuncture treatment methods, allows us to achieve remarkable results.

Our Approach

It doesn’t matter whether you are suffering from emotional or mental distress, experiencing illness or physical injury, or you desire for inner change or deep awakening. We can address all areas of your life with our natural healing, and holistic treatments. At RiverOne Health & Wellness, we practice transformational acupuncture, and tailored chiropractic techniques which are holistic, natural, and with little to no side effects!

We are working with other physicians and medical professionals around our region. We communicate with them to create personalized and comprehensive treatment plans. This way we can customize the treatment for individual patients.

Taking Acupuncture and Chiropractic Care in Joliet to a New Level

At RiverOne Health & Wellness we have designed our clinic in a manner that allows us financial accessibility and clinical efficacy. We offer more than just simple acupuncture, and chiropractic treatments, and have an extensive range of complementary services delivered at affordable rates.  You can acquire the following anytime you come through the doors of our clinic in Joliet:

Our mission

RiverOne Health & Wellness is committed to promote health and wellness of the mind-body-spirit through empowering, supportive, and compassionate holistic healthcare. Our mission is to adopt multi-directional approaches, which are personalized for each patient in treating long-lasting and problematic conditions. The holistic treatments you acquire at our clinic are designed to transform your life.

Our vision

At RiverOne Health & Mission our vision is to ensure that everyone discovers the powers of acupuncture, and chiropractic care to turn their life around. We want to help them harness these powers to regain optimal health and wellness, which will dramatically improve their quality of life.


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