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RiverOne Health & Wellness stands apart from conventional medicine by focusing on proactive well-being, aiming to prevent pain and illness rather than just treating them. This approach has fueled the growing popularity of our wellness center.

Our center offers a familiar haven for some, helping them rediscover lost health and well-being, while introducing others to a new realm of vitality.

We recognize the advantages of an alternative to traditional medicine, one that supports achieving and maintaining optimal health. Meet our dedicated team of doctors and wellness professionals committed to helping you achieve your wellness goals. Join our free website membership program for a comprehensive health assessment. As a RiverOne Health & Wellness patient, we'll craft a personalized wellness plan using minimally invasive yet highly effective techniques and services.


Discover Our Mission: RiverOne Health & Wellness was founded by Dr. Ha-il Lee to offer individuals a chance to regain health and vitality through holistic and natural healing methods. Located in Joliet, Illinois, our clinic serves the entire community with chiropractic and acupuncture therapies.

Our experienced practitioners customize treatment plans for each patient, embodying our motto: "Never give up! You deserve more in life, and regaining your health is the first step."

We are dedicated to healing those facing challenges following prolonged illness or surgery, achieving remarkable results through chiropractic and acupuncture treatments.

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